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At Lettieri, we pride ourselves on our well traveled inventory of specialty food products. Quality food is what we love, and we are honored to deliver the finest goods from across the globe. We import sofi™ Award winning food straight from the source, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our commitment is to provide quality products, along with exceptional food delivery services. Welcome to Lettieri & Co. your go-to food import and distribution experts!

What we do

What we do

We’re a quality food importer and distributor, supplying specialty foods across the country. Our exclusive food and wine products are sourced directly from the producer, ensuring low costs and maximizing profits.

Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner

With over three decades of experience, we have earned the trust of many companies in the food industry. Which is why Lettieri & Co. manages specialty imports and food distribution on behalf of top leading brands!

Our Products

Our Products

We carry a wide range of specialty foods from around the world. Delicious imported foods such as Italian pastas, Gaeta olives, cured meats, gourmet goods, specialty snacks, bindi desserts, fine wines, and more!

Our highly skilled food importers and distributors operate with maximum efficiency. As a result, we manage US distributing on behalf of top brands from coast-to-coast with ease. Our fleet of delivery trucks smoothly ship your products to retailers, specialty stores, restaurants, and food-service professionals nationwide. The journey to having your specialty food delivered begins with Lettieri.

Needless to say, the food import and distribution business can have its challenges. However, with well over three decades of experience, Lettieri & Co. has mastered the process from beginning to end. Our highly trained staff is well-versed in navigating the food industry and can help you through a simple 3-Step Process!


We Partner

At Lettieri, ensuring a strong relationship matters most, which is how we earn your trust. As our valued partner, we share one common goal, and that is your brand’s success!


Provide Guidance

By sharing our strategies and expertise, our partners have a blueprint to business growth. We provide guidance every step of the way, from start to finish, so you won’t go at it alone!


Then We Scale

Our sales reps are ready to help you find the best items for your business. In addition, we also help our brand partners scale in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Allowing Us To Earn Our Clients’ Trust

Over the years, Lettieri & Co. has been entrusted by many leading brands with their fine products. From hard to find specialty foods, wholesome food services, fine wine and good spirits, among others, we have worked with a vast product line! With such an honor, we can certainly say that we do not take this responsibility lightly. This is why we pride ourselves on reliability, precision, as well as a cost-effective approach so that our clients can prosper. In addition, we also focus on quality which has allowed us to win numerous awards, including sofi Awards over the past 20 years. Our import and food delivery services are second to none, which is how we have earned the credibility, trust, and confidence of our partners.

See what our partners have to say about our services. We truly appreciate their kind words!

Looking for additional benefits? We essentially provide our partners with end-to-end solutions for importing and specialty food delivery services. We’ll help you overcome all obstacles and handle the heavy lifting, so you can scale your brand.

International Imports
International Imports

We import foods that are sourced and uniquely curated from all over the world, allowing you to distinguish your brand’s taste.

Food Shipping & Logistics
Food Shipping & Logistics

Lettieri facilitates a seamless import and distribution process via expert beginning to end solutions at each step of the supply chain.

Safe Food Transport
Safe Food Transport

Our optimized processes and quality food transport containers ensure safe food temperatures to avoid damage during fulfillment.

Fast Distribution Timing
Fast Distribution Timing

We pride ourselves on strategically fast and efficient food distribution schedules so that all shipments arrive safely and on time.

At Lettieri & Co. our partners are like family! This is precisely why we provide wine and food imports, distribution, and other specialty food services at California wholesale prices! In addition, our team of professionals are seasoned in the food industry and can help with additional services.

Key Services Such As:

  • Mediterranean Food Imports
  • Gourmet Food Supplier Service
  • Food Distribution and Marketing
  • Networking with Packaging Distributors

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